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Arxan National Forest Park

Arxan National Forest Park, approved by the State Forestry Administration in 2000, becomes a national 4A scenic spot in 2008.

Arxan National Forest Park is located in the southwest foothill of the Greater Khingan Ranges, with a total area of 103,149 hectares. The primary forest stretches for thousands of miles with beautiful scenery of green trees. 80% of the land is covered by forest and the vegetation type is cold-temperate mixed conifer-broadleaf forests. Arxan National Forest Park owns abundant and unique resources. There are mainly 522 types of plants and 90 different wildlives in the park. Located in a humid region of cold temperate zone, the annual average temperature here is -3℃ and the frost-free season is about 90 days. Besides, the park is a typical volcanic lava area, there are many high-place crater lake, lave barrier lake, functional mineral or hot spring groups and various lava landforms.

The natural resources of the park is original, unartificial, wonderful and various with a good ecological environment and miraculous and diversified natural landscape. Arxan National Forest Park is an ideal eco-travel destination with primitive forest, volcano relic, hot spring and mineral spring, mountain wetland, rivers and lakes, gorges and peaks.

Aershan National Forest Park has won many honorary titles, for instance, National Science Education Base, The Most Influential National Forest Park, The Most Beautiful Scenic Spot in China, and National Eco-Tourism Demonstration Area.

The Arxan National Geopark

Arxan National Geopark is the biggest national volcano spring geopark in China with a total area of 814 square kilometers. It consists of five scenic areas, the Heaven Lake volcanic group, hot spring group, the Rose Peak granite stone forest, Triangle Mountain port and Haosen Gully. Arxan National Geopark has miraculous and beautiful natural landscape, geological heritage, volcanic lava topography, Moulin landform, granite stone forest landscape, alpine lake and quaternary plateau meandering trace and other types of geological heritage. It is regarded as a natural museum for studying the evolution of Inner Mongolia plateau and volcanic geology.

The volcanoes and hot springs in the geopark are dotted with thousands of rocks. The largest volcanic lava platform in Asia, the second largest functional mineral hot spring group in the world, more than 50 volcanic cones, 19 high craters, 9 large Heaven Lakes, 9 large volcanic lava dammed lakes are all in the geopark.

Arxan National Geopark has abundant touristic resources with a good combination of activities and high degree of pleasure. It is a primitive, miraculous and diversified geopark. It is also an eco-tourism scenic area with most distinctive characteristics of north part of China for traveling, scientific research, vacation resort, science education, entertainment and adventure.

Arxan Heavenly Lake

Arxan Heavenly Lake is on the Heavenly Lake Mountain which is 74 kilometers away from the northeast of Arxan City. It is one of famous Heavenly Lakes in China. It is a large oval lake with the altitude of 1,323.2 meters, about 450 meters in length and 300 meters in width. The lake covers about 13.8 hectares, and it is 1,500 meters in circumference. Arxan Heavenly Lake ranks third place in China after Tianshan Heavenly Lake and Changbai Mountain Heavenly Lake. It is a high crater lake that was formed by volcano eruption when magma met groundwater and exploded 300 thousand years ago .

Three Ponds Gorge

Within the gorge, the river roars with white waves. Precipitous, simple and unsophisticated cliffs stand on both sides of the river, demonstrating a sense of chaos and primitivism. In the open areas, white birches and larches blot out the sky and cover the sun. Dense forests, exotic flowers and rare herbs spread all over the mountains, which is like an endless and intoxicating scroll painting. In the spring, rhododendrons are all over the mountains, displaying the scene of misty fairyland. This segment of the river also has snow in June, which is known as “Glacier in summer”.

Arxan Earthly Pond

The Earthly Pond of Arxan is about 6 kilometers away from the southeast of Arxan Heaven Lake. It is 1,123 meters above sea level, extending from the north to the east. The pond is 150 meters in length and 100 meters in width, covers an area of 1.25 hectares. The depth of the pond is up to 39 - 50 meters. The pond is a typical Maar surrounded by dense and hard basalt rock. The Earthly Pond is named because its water level is lower than the ground.

Shitang Lin Forest

Shitang Lin Forest is located in the east of Arxan Heavenly Lake, 84 kilometers away from Arxan city, which is one of the well-known wonders in Greater Khingan Mountains because the plants grow heavily in lava rocks and lots of scattered ponds surrounded.

Azalea Lake

Azalea Lake is is located in 2 kilometers east of the Higgan Highway Service Center, 92 km away from Arxan city. It is 1244 meters above sea level, the average depth of water is 2.5 meters, the deepest part is 5 meters. The lake covers an area of 128 hectares. It is a crater lake that forms by volcanic eruption due to lava cut off rivers.

Heavenly Lake of Camel Hump Mountain

Heavenly Lake of Camel Hump Mountain is 10 kilometer northeastward away from the Higgan Highway Service Center. The altitude is 1284 meters. It is about 450 meters wide from east to west, and 800 meters long from north to south. It coves an area of 26 hectares. It is the largest and deepest lake among all Heavenly Lakes in Arxan. It is named because it looks like a camel lying prostrate when looking from the distance.

Arxan Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon of Arxan is located in the primitive forest and is 20 kilometers away from the southeast of the Higgan Highway Service Center. It is a W-shaped canyon from south to north. The Grand Canyon is 11 kilometers long. The canyon bottom is 30-150 meters in width and 30-130 meters deep. The drop height is 20 meters per kilometer, and the mean water depth of the canyon bottom is 0.6 meter.

Turtle Back Rock

Turtle Back Rock is located in the south of the Higgan Highway Service Center and near small forest train place. The distribution area of the rock is 3 square kilometers. At present, it is the only discovered lava structure which is well-preserved,developed and at a large scale. Geological experts said that the Turtle Back Rock is "national treasure".

Rose Peak

Located at 25 kilometers north of the Arxan city, the Rose Peak is a scenic spot with a total area of 82 square kilometers comprising of more than 10 stone peaks. It is a typical landscape of granite stone forest. The stone peaks that form the scenery are intertwined with each other but in a regular pattern. The towering peaks are both grandiose and spectacular. They are called the“Rose Peak”or the “Red Boulder”because most peaks are in mahogany color.

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